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Collection solutions

Ensure an orderly ecosystem with maximised cash efficiency for your business, your suppliers, customers, and distributors. Our commitment to innovation ensures the delivery of tailored client solutions that aim to solve challenges at any stage of your business. Let us help you choose from a comprehensive suite of cash management services.


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Super Agency and Agency Service

This is a payment service extended to MTN MoMo and Airtel Money agents and subscribers for purposes of buying float for their operating tills.


  • Cash deposit facilitates the real-time acquisition of float.
  • Simplified management of MTN MoMo & Airtel Money wallet funds.

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NCBA Cash Deposit Machine

This is a collection solution that allows cash intensive institutions to deposit cash to their respective accounts at NCBA Bank directly from their premises.


  • Real-time credit of cash to your NCBA Bank account.
  • Simple, convenient & secure way of banking cash.
  • Accepts deposits in multiple currencies.
  • Cash verification & ability to reject counterfeit notes.
  • Easy monitoring and reconciliation of transactions.

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Direct Debits

Recover money due for bills or services rendered directly from your customers that bank with NCBA and other resident banks.


  • Payer could authorise payments from a bank account of amounts which are variable by time and or amount.
  • For payments that are subject to changes in amount, a variable Authority is available thereby avoiding the need to issue new instructions whenever amounts change.
  • Offers the ability to manage and control cash flow.
  • The elimination of cheques and reduction of non-reconciled payments using standing orders.

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National Collections Services

Our collections partnerships with Centenary Bank and Post Bank allow you to deposit through more than 110 branches countrywide. Customised and co-branded deposit slips can be arranged for you for free.

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Agency Banking

A banking agent is a retail or postal outlet contracted by a financial institution to process clients’ transactions. At NCBA Bank, we believe that where there’s a shop, there should be a bank.

Available services and support at NCBA Bank Agent points;

  • Agent float check.
  • Instant cash deposits are offered for free.
  • Agent to Agent float transfer.
  • MTN float purchase.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Improved satisfaction.
  • Convenience & accessibility to customers & non-customers (24/7).
  • Real-time deposits into your bank account.
  • Visibility of the corporate brand.

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In-Branch Collections

Get reduced rates on large deposit amounts at any of our branches. Just walk into any of the NCBA branches that make up our wide network countrywide.


  • Offers customised collection services for high volume payments.
  • Operational costs are reduced for customers with high volume cash payments.
  • Offers simplified reconciliation inputs for high volume payment collections.
  • Creation of customised deposit slips that cater to customer-specific requirements.

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Cash In Transit

Get a tailor-made C.I.T collection structure to suit your business needs. We have the experience to ensure an efficient and secure transit system for you.

Supported Cash in Transit alternatives:

  • Ad Hoc C.I.T
  • Milk-Run C.I.T
  • Periodic C.I.T Run

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NSSF collections

Conveniently make your NSSF payments through our Internet banking and in-branch services.


  • Real-time validation of payment details before payment is done.
  • Near real-time entry update upon successful transaction processing.
  • Confirmation notifications sent to customers upon payment.
  • Convenient and secure.

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Statutory Collections

Conveniently make your Uganda Revenue Authority Domestic Tax and Customs Tax payments through our Internet banking and in-branch services.


  • Real-time validation of payment details with URA before payment is done.
  • Near real-time entry update with URA upon successful transaction processing.
  • Confirmation notifications sent to customers by URA upon payment.
  • Convenient and secure.

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Auto-Collect Solutions

This service provides your customers with the means to pay for their biller or utility payments via our channels.


  • Real-time update of transactions ensuring auto-reconciliation.
  • Instant recognition or allocation of payment.
  • Transactions capture the required payment details.
  • Several modules are available to make payments: Online Banking, Mobile Banking, cash, mobile money or in-house cheque deposit at a branch.
  • Receipting upon payment and immediate access to service.
  • Less reliance on Contact Centre or relationship manager for transaction details.

Supported utility payments include:

  • National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
  • Umeme
  • Pay TV: Dstv packages, Startimes, Zuku, GoTv, and Zuku
  • Internet purchase: Roke, Wananchi, and Smile
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