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Payment Solutions

We’re here to help you choose the business transactional and savings solutions that are best for your needs. Whether you have high volumes of transactions, want to earn interest or need special services, we offer the financial solutions and expertise to help you grow your business.


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NCBA Online Banking Platform

Web-based systems are accessed by users through any internet-enabled device.


  • Real-time viewing of account balances & statements download/ print up to last 3 months.
  • Funds transfer (own accounts, local bank transfers & international remittances).
  • Cross currency transfers – UGX, USD, GBP, EURO, KES.
  • Bulk uploads to multiple beneficiaries – Local Bank & Mobile Money payments.
  • Utility payments (water, electricity, pay tv, among others
  • Transaction notifications & ability to extract/ print remittance advice

Users Profiles

Capability to maintain multiple viewers, inputters, supervisors & authorizers for the roles below;

  • Viewers: Able to download statements in CSV & PDF formats for reconciliation purposes.
  • Inputters: Only able to initiate transactions (viewers & inputters cannot approve transactions).
  • Supervisors: Verify & check transactions before they are forwarded to the approver’s queue.
  • Authorizers: Approve & release payments in line with the prevailing account mandate.

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Agency Banking

A banking agent is a retail or postal outlet contracted by a financial institution to process clients’ transactions. At NCBA Bank, we believe that where there’s a shop, there should be a bank.

Available services and support at NCBA Bank Agent points;

  • Agent float check.
  • Instant cash deposits are offered for free.
  • Agent to Agent float transfer.
  • MTN float purchase.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Improved satisfaction.
  • Convenience & accessibility to customers & non-customers (24/7).
  • Real-time deposits into your bank account.
  • Visibility of the corporate brand.

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Bulk Payments

Get cost-effective rates for multiple or large sets of transfers with our flexible and efficient payment processing for multiple or large sets of financial transactions.


  • Flexible processing of multiple payment transactions in large volumes of up to 200,000 records on a single bulk file through the Online Banking channel.
  • Ability to select from multiple charge allocation for bulk payments.
  • Ability to select from multiple charging structures.
  • Ability to choose from multiple bulk payment processing modes.

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Over the Counter 3rd Party Payments

Your business can fulfill individual or bulk payouts such as dividends, allowances, and casual salaries through this specialised cash payment service for non-NCBA account holders. Payees can withdraw funds paid to them directly at the bank counter.

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SWIFT Funds Transfer

This product offers the banks customers the means to transfer money from one financial account to another internationally, except to United Nations-sanctioned countries.


  • This payment has a same-day value date.
  • There is no transaction limit on amounts transferred.
  • This payment supports major foreign currency transactions.
  • Seamless and secure international payments.
  • Negotiable rates for amounts above USD 5,000.

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Internal Funds Transfer

Transfer money from one NCBA account to another NCBA account holder within Uganda or across borders, wherever we operate.


  • Transfer money in real-time.
  • There is no transaction limit on amounts transferred.
  • This payment supports local and major foreign currencies.
  • Bulk payments available for salary payout and other obligations

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APP and USSD Platform

Introducing our USSD banking service – the easiest way to access your accounts, check balances, transfer funds, and pay bills, all from your mobile phone. No need for a smartphone or internet connection. Banking has never been more convenient! Enquiries through the USSD platform include accounts balances and mini statements.

Transfers through the USSD platform.

  • Funds transfer- Internal & External
  • Airtime purchase
  • MTN Float Purchase
  • Pay Bills
  • Wallet to bank transfers - *212#


  • Mobile Money Payments to your Mobile Number and other Mobile Number
  • Name validation for B2W transactions
  • Float purchase
  • Funds transfer i.e Own account transfer, Internal account transfer, EFT & RGTS)
  • Pay Bill(UMEME, National Water, DSTV, GOTV, Star time and Data purchase)
  • Airtime purchase for your Mobile Number and other numbers
  • Enquiries (Account balance & Min statement)
  • Credit Card information
  • Auto reversal for failed B2W transactions and Pay Bills transactions
  • Device Authentication
  • FX information

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Funds Transfer – RTGS / EAPS

Transfer an unlimited amount of money to both local and regional accounts within one working day.


  • No costs on exchange rates when you transact directly from your foreign currency account.
  • Electronic transactions are cheaper.
  • Available through Online Banking.
  • Payments are available in foreign and local currency.
  • There is no transaction limit on amounts transferred.

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External Funds transfer (EFT)

Make bulk payments such as salary and supplier payouts to domestic accounts within two working days.


  • Electronic transactions are cheaper.
  • Available through Online banking.
  • There is no transaction limit on amounts transferred.
  • Payments are available in local and foreign currency only.

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