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Forex Solutions

Leverage on NCBA’s deep expertise and local knowledge to gain unique insights and manage your exposure. Whatever your goals, our powerful technology and experienced team are able to meet your needs at competitive rates.

Spot Trading

Convert your currencies for immediate delivery.

NCBA Spot FX service enables you to effect global payments, unlock international markets, and travel hassle-free. This service allows you to exchange currencies within two working days, in line with international practice.


  • Instantaneous exchange from foreign to local currencies.

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Hedging Solutions

FX Forward Contracts

Protect your business from exchange rate volatility with a fixed exchange rate for a particular day, months or even years in the future. Your money will be exchanged on your set date at the pre-agreed rate, regardless of the market rate.


  • Choose from a wide variety of currency pairs.
  • Choose from over 17 currency pairs.

NCBA Cross-Currency Swap

Hedge against currency and interest rate exposure. This is an agreement between two parties to swap future interest payments, based on a principal amount in one currency for an equivalent amount in another currency. For example, you can choose to pay in a different currency on either a fixed or floating rate.


FX Options

Protect yourself against exchange rate volatility with our customisable FX options. With our FX Options, you fix the exchange rate between two currencies for an agreed period of time. You can choose to exercise your option on the agreed date or let it expire if the prevailing market rate is more favourable. You can also approach us to help structure a hedging solution best suited to manage your FX exposure should you have more hedging needs.


  • One month, three months and up to six-month options.
  • Choose from over 8 currency pairs.
  • Guaranteed rate of exchange if you choose to exercise your option.

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Investment solutions

Fixed Income

Generate a stable return, increase your capital gains, and diversify your portfolio to minimise risk by investing in bond instruments. NCBA Bank grants you access to a wide range of bond instruments — risk-free government, fixed and floating-rate bonds. We also provide liquidity for primary issues and secondary flows.

Why choose NCBA Bank Bond Investments?

  • Grow your wealth with the wide range of bonds accessible through NCBA Bank.
  • Identify the most suitable bonds for your needs with strategic advice from our investment professionals.
  • Stay informed of the latest market developments through our invaluable insights, in-depth analysis, and timely updates.
  • Leverage our expertise and award-winning capabilities. NCBA Bank is one of the biggest fixed-income wealth players in the regional market.
  • Investing in bonds diversifies your portfolio and provides you with a regular stream of income that typically has a higher return than traditional savings accounts and fixed deposits.
  • Bonds are also often viewed as safer and more stable (risk-free) investments when compared to equity.

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Thought-Leading Strategy and Economics

Our Global Markets Economics team of experts offers real-time, in-depth analysis of the fundamental economic questions affecting your business. From interest-rates and growth and inflation forecasts to local market happenings around the globe. We offer client-oriented insight into the events shaping the world economy. Our team of world-class experts brings economics and strategy together in thematic notes across asset classes, delivering original investment ideas and comprehensive market coverage of all regions and sectors.

Our research covers:

  • Macroeconomics.
  • Market economics.
  • Strategy and analytics — rates, credit and forex.

Benefits of using NCBA research include:

  • Extensive local knowledge and global vision.
  • We are always first in line to spot emerging trends.
  • We monitor and provide you with global economic forecasts.
  • Our commentary is immediate and client-oriented.
  • We conduct in-depth economic and political analysis.

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