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Numbers That Matter

The other day we met a little girl who amazed us at how she viewed the world. Over the years, her parents grew from being just clients to being family. When they needed help, we walked the journey with them. We were right there with them from their first home loan, first family car loan and first business loan.

However, where we saw a car loan, this little girl saw the many trips she would take to see her grandma. To her, the home loan was not just about the house but how many birthdays she would have in it. And the business financing? It wasn’t about the money. It was about giving her daddy the freedom to pick her up from school every day.

The little girl made us, a 60-year-old institution, change the way we look at numbers. Our balance sheet is more than just profit or loss. It’s a record of the many dreams we help come true and the memories we create with you. It’s about the numbers that really matter to you. Because if they matter to you, they matter to us.